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Alarms / CCTV / Access Control / Door Entry


Wire Free Intruder Alarms

With wireless technology advancing at a rapid pace and cables a thing of the past, we offer a sophisticated and user friendly Wireless System. We specialise in the installation and maintenance of these high-tech alarms.

Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of infared to be trouble free. Whilst the primary role of our systems is that of the intruder alarm, its full capabilities can also offer the user numerous functions that at last combine protecting your property with helpful features that can be used every day.



Whether you require a single camera or a more complex security solution, Direct CCTV has the experience in designing and installing effective CCTV monitoring systems to make us the company of choice among our peers.

Buying CCTV can be complex and time consuming. We can help you steer a course through and over the typical hurdles of identifying reputable companies and reliable systems, identifying the requirements of your organisation and matching a suitable suppliers products by understanding your needs, facilitating cost comparisons and the benefits of each suppliers equipment compared to your individually tailored specifications.

Once your system is operational, clients need to ensure that it also complies with legal requirements as well as satisfying the requirements of the Data Protection Act..

To keep your new CCTV system in optimum working order in compliance with your insurance obligations, we can also provide an individual maintenance contract.

We can design, install and maintain CCTV Systems. Ranging from small houses and shops to luxury homes and large business premises. We provide a wide range of cameras from covert, mini dome, infa red vandal resistant dome to a PTZ camera. Our DVR’s are top of the range, depending on your requirements we can supply a 4,8, 16 and 32 way which can all be networked for viewing anywhere around the world.



Any building is only as secure as its entrances and exits.

Direct CCTV can provide you with Access Control systems for both corporate and commercial establishments. From a simple one door system, to a system that will control multiple doors, for thousands of employees, Access Control enables you to facilitate who has entry to certain areas, or the whole of, your premises.

Utilising cards or fobs, with Access Control systems you will be able to give rights of passage to staff through controlled doors, allowing you the flexible authority to monitor who has access to specified areas of your building. Some staff may need full access privileges, some very limited.

Access can also be restricted by time or an expiry date, allowing particular users access only at specific times of day or night, during a shift change for example, or access to contractors whose fobs can be deactivated at a specified time period when their work is done. Access records can also be stored, enabling clients to monitor which staff members are entering which parts of a building when.

If a staff member's token, card or fob is lost, stolen or not returned, they can be instantly barred from the system, maintaining its integrity and level of security.


Maintenance and support is also a key part of any system we install. We can provide a maintenance contract to ensure your system stays in peak performance.



For Security works please call Volt-elect on:

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